Workshop: SP12, EAB and Ethics Rapporteurs joint workshop on dual use

November 11, 2016 9:00 am → November 11, 2016 1:00 pm

Dual use of research is when research and innovation designed for civilian use can also be used for military purposes. Since the Human Brain Project is funded by the EU it is obliged to do non-military research. Despite this, the HBP research and innovations may have military and defense interests.

HBP is aware of dual use issues and has accordingly been in dialogue with leading experts and HBP researcher on how to tackle the challenges related to dual use in the HBP.

During a half day workshop HBP Ethic Rapporteurs, Ethic and Society (SP12) and the HBP Ethic Advisory Board met to reflect on issues related to potential military and defense applications of HBP research (dual use). The goal was to provide concrete concerns and recommendations to the HBP Opinion on dual use. The workshop was a follow-up on provisors meetings with experts external to the HBP.

Group discussions focused on following themes:
• Engagement of civil society
• Education of younger scientists
• Export of AI technologies
• Open access

Chair: Prof. Jean-Pierre Changeux

Speakers included: Stephen Rainey (SP12), Lise Bitsch (SP12), Alan Winfield (EAB), Anna Lührs (SP7), Bogdan Draganski (SP8), Christian Mayer (SP9) and Florian Roehrbein (SP10)

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