Webinar: Informed consent

February 6, 2017 10:00 am → February 6, 2017 12:00 am

Informed consent is a tool developed to protect and empower vulnerable people. But how do we obtain sufficient informed consent in the Human Brain Project and does it solve all problems?
In a two hour webinar four guest speakers presented their views on how to tackle the ethical and legal principles of informed consent in The Human Brain Project. Stakeholders and everyone else interested in the subject were encouraged to join the discussion.

The guest speakers explained the complexity, solutions and trends in relation to informed consent. However, they also emphasized that informed consent is not valuable in it-self and does not solve all problems. The researchers themselves also have a responsibility informing and involving people in research and to keep track of the data flows, so we actually know where all the data are and what they are being used for.

The webinar took place February 6th 2017 and was organized by the HBP Subproject 12 ‘Ethics and Society’. Guest speakers included Prof Søren Holm (University of Manchester), Dr. Daniela Ovadia (University of Pavia), and Dr. Dianne Gove (Alzheimer Europe) and Dr. Stephen Rainey (De Montfort University).
If you missed the webinar you can find all the presentations below.

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