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March 21, 2019 11:30 pm → March 22, 2019 3:00 pm
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Following recent advances in computing capacities, Artificial Intelligence seems has reappeared as a subject of considerable hype. A wide variety of public and private interest groups associate the advent of AI with promises of continuing economic growth, efficiency in administration, improvements in health care, education and so forth. To the extent that AI will deliver on these promises, it will undoubtedly be a transformative and ubiquitous technological force that will leave no citizen of our contemporary societies unaffected.

Whether or not and to what extent AI can and will contribute to causing and solving real-world problems is however a somewhat downplayed question. What seems to be lacking in the popular debate about AI is the readiness to bring the discussion to an action-oriented level, rid of lofty visions of far-fetched futures. Taking a preliminary step in facing up to this challenge, we bring together experts and stakeholders on the topic of AI in workshop with an action-oriented stance towards the development and implementation of AI.

AI 360 is a workshop designed to facilitate a comprehensive evaluation of the future implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The workshop will bring together recognised experts in rights and ethics, law, social science, culture, politics and economy for a multi-dimensional and thorough treatment of AI and its implications for our future societies. The AI 360 methodology is a multidisciplinary approach to identifying the most important societal implications of AI, and for producing concrete action-oriented solutions.

The outcome of AI 360 | COPENHAGEN is a report delivered to the European Commission, the Human Brain Project, and feed into a Europe-wide citizen engagement process on AI during the summer and autumn of 2019.

For further information about the workshop please contact:
Ms. Sita Kotnis, Project Manager at the Danish Board of Technology Foundation:

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AI 360 | COPENHAGEN is organised by the  “Ethics&Society” group of the EU Flagship “Human Brain Project (HBP)”.

The HBP is s building a research infrastructure to help advance neuroscience, medicine and computing. It is one of the two largest scientific projects ever funded by the European Union. Six ICT research Platforms form the heart of the HBP infrastructure: Neuroinformatics, Brain Simulation, High Performance Analytics and Computing, Medical Informatics, Neuromorphic Computing and Neurorobotics.

The Ethics&Society group consist of the HBP Foresight Lab, led by Prof. Nikolas Rose; Neuroethics & Philosophy, led by Prof. Kathinka Evers; Engagement, led by Lars Klüver, director; Ethics Support, led by Prof. Bernd Stahl.

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