EBRAINS CoCreate: Artificial Intelligence

October 21, 2021 12:00 am → January 13, 2022 12:00 am

EBRAINS CoCreate: Artificial Intelligence is a transdisciplinary R&I workshop that is worth your time.

Do you want to explore the intersection of neuroscience and artificial intelligence? Do you want to be a part of the next step in brain-related AI meanwhile building your professional network? Then join us to Co-Create a roadmap with the research and innovation (R&I) activities of tomorrow. The roadmap will be strategic and founded on a shared vision of the future. Currently R&I can be restricted by institutional thoughts, disciplinary boundaries, or specific interests. We invite you to collaborate across disciplines, national borders and spheres of research, practice, industry and civil society to gain a fuller understanding of the needs of artificial intelligence in relation to EBRAINS.eu, neuroscience and neuro-inspired technologies. We believe that multiple views and expertise is needed in a hyper-complex reality that still gets more specialized.


EBRAINS CoCreate Artificial Intelligence has already started, however we’re happy to welcome anyone with interest in the subject for our last networking and dissemination workshop the 27th of January. At this workshop the results of the process will be presented, and continuous work with the suggested activities discussed.

If you would like to join the process as a participant, please feel free to register in this link as well, and we encourage you to listen to all the podcasts and look at the outcome of previous workshops as well.


We start by creating a shared knowledge framework in the information phase. This phase is followed by the vision workshop where we will identify shared visions for the future of AI in neuroscience and neuromorphic technologies. From here we start the roadmap phase consisting of two workshops, where we create strategic roadmaps that supports the shared vision. The roadmaps will be publicly available after the workshop, and credit all contributing participants. It will be disseminated to relevant collaborators in the last phase of the workshop. For more information on what to expect from EBRAINS CoCreate, listen to the facilitator podcast episode by Aske Palsberg and Anna Kierkegaard: Link. or send us an email at community@ebrains.eu and write CoCreate in the subject line.


Program Outline


Information phase: 23rd of October – Continuous

Vision workshop 25th of November 12.00-15.00 – Online

Roadmap 1/2 workshop 9th of December 10.00-15.00 – Online

Roadmap 2/2 workshop 13rd of January 12.00-15.00 – Online

Dissemination and further application, 27th of January place to be announced.


Information phase

All speaks are available in podcast format: Link.

For access to shared workspace, additional readings by speakers and more, apply for the cocreation workshop and join: community.ebrains.eu


Keynote speakers


Agata Wlaszczyk Young Researchers at Danish Technological University, Cognitive Systems. Link to speak.

Asunción Gómez-Pérez – EBRAINS board of directors, founding member of EBRAINS, vice rector at UPM. Link to speak.

Lise Bitsch, lead for Responsible Research and Innovation in the project behind EBRAINS, the human brain project. Link to speak.

Pola Elisabeth Schwöbel, Young Researchers at Danish Technological University, Cognitive Systems. (to be published)

Thibaud Dumas, Incubator Director at Matrice neuroscientist and entrepreneur. Link to speak

For access to further information and suggested readings, please sign up for the cocreation workshop.


Additional information

Price: Free

We expect participants to:

  • Engage actively in all workshops.
  • Take active part in tasks and discussions in the group on community.ebrains.eu.
  • Accept other’s point of view and make room for views and experiences that might be far away from your own.
  • Dare to join, take part in discussions and bring your ideas and point of view to the table
  • Do an effort in communication, we work across disciplines, borders and interests, therefore communication is very important.


Any questions? Don’t hesitate to write to Aske Palsberg and Anna Kierkegaard on community@ebrains.eu, with the title ‘CoCreate’.

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