Would you like to build competences in public engagement?

October 17, 2018 4:00 pm → October 17, 2018 5:30 pm

The Danish Board of Technology (DBT) is extending a special invitation to partners in HBP. As part of the Ethics and Society subproject (SP12), the DBT will carry out citizen engagement, consulting citizens in at least 14 European countries on the ethical and societal questions that biologically inspired artificial intelligence raise. And we would like partners from other SPs and CDPs to take part.

Public engagement in HBP

Citizen engagement is becoming increasingly prominent in research and innovation, particularly within the European Commission. The HBP is no exception. In 2015, we consulted citizens on use and protection of personal data in research projects. In 2017, we asked European citizens what they thought of the fact that HBP research results could be used by others for dual use purposes.
In 2019, we are again conducting a citizen consultation, this time on the ethical and societal questions that biologically inspired artificial intelligence poses.

In public engagement, we invite regular citizens to spend a day deliberating about various aspects and trade-offs of research being undertaken in HBP. The processes are designed so citizens get a chance to deliberate about a subject and learn from each other. The end result is an insight into what European citizens think of biologically inspired artificial intelligence. The advantage of the deliberative approach is that these insights result from serious reflection and a day of challenging and developing stand-points. These insights are used to make HBP more responsive to the surrounding society, as a way of bringing society into the project.

Build your competences

The DBT is would like to invite partners from across HBP to organize and carry out a citizen engagement workshop in connection with the 2019 citizen consultation on biologically inspired artificial intelligence. Carrying out a citizen engagement workshop is an opportunity to expand competences and gain first-hand experience with carrying out public engagement.
The European consultation will take part in at least 14 countries. The DBT will provide step-by-step guidance to the organisation, we will provide the method structure and materials for the workshop to be translated from English, and most importantly we will provide the necessary training for you to carry out the workshop.

What is required?

The consultation is scheduled to take place in April 2019.
To join, it is not necessary to have prior experience with public or citizen engagement, as we will provide training and support throughout the process.
We will provide the materials necessary for the workshop in English to be translated into your local language by January 2019, and training activities will take place in January or February 2019.
You or your organisation will have to cover the expenses for personnel and direct costs.

Find out more at HBP Summit 2019

The DBT will host an information meeting at the HBP summit 2019. The meeting will provide information on how to become part of the HBP citizen engagement, what requirements there are and what support and training will be available.

The meeting will take place on during the 3rd parallel sessions on Wednesday 17th October, from 16.00-17.30, and is called P7: Introduction to Hosting a HBP Citizen Meeting.

If you have any questions or you are interested in becoming a part of the citizen engagement process, please contact Project Manager Nicklas Bang Bådum and Senior Project Manager Marie Louise Jørgensen at hbp-ce@tekno.dk

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