EBRAINS CoCreate: Artificial Intelligence

October 21, 2021 12:00 am → January 13, 2022 12:00 am

Do you want to explore the intersection of neuroscience and artificial intelligence? Do you want to be a part of the next step in brain-related AI meanwhile building your professional network?

EBRAINS CoCreate: Artificial Intelligence is a transdisciplinary R&I workshop that is worth your time. Co-create the research and innovation (R&I) activities of tomorrow, strategically and based on a shared vision of the future. Traditionally R&I prioritisation are restricted by institutional thoughts, disciplinary boundaries, or specific interests. EBRAINS CoCreate invite to collaborate across disciplines, national borders and spheres of research, practice, industry and civil society to gain a fuller understanding of the needs of neuro-related AI. We will create a chain of argument for chosen activities, supported by key actors already in the development phase. Cocreation is a key method when identifying most essential R&I activities in a hyper-complex reality.


Apply to participate

Please fill out the form below to apply to participate in the cocreation process. We encourage everyone with interest to apply regardless of gender, age, nationality, disabilities and ethnicities .


Program Outline

1 – Create shared knowledge

  • 21st of October 2021 launch of EBRAINS CoCreate – community.ebrains.eu
  • Keynote speaker Podcasts available from 21st – 28th October, 2021
  • Discussions in EBRAINS Community space October from 21st 2021 and ongoing
  • Panel discussion with speakers 2nd , 5th and 9t November 2021


2) Define visions

  • From ambitions and challenges to prioritised visions 11th November, 2021


3) Drafts on how to reach these visions

  • Ideas on roadmaps – ways to realise the prioritised visions 25th November 2021


4) – Finalise road maps to reach the vision 

  • Road maps are evaluated and finalised 9th December
  • Project proposals added to project idea bank

5) Disseminate and follow up 

  • Dissemination of material 13th January, 2022
  • Application – further work


Open and Inclusive

EBRAINS CoCreate will share findings with the public as well as the participants through the podcast series EBRAINS CoCreate: AI. Roadmap and project proposals will be available on community.ebrains.eu.

We seek to recruit collaborators and representatives of different parts of society. Furthermore, we work in line with the principles or RRI.



Enrollment submissions

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